Vol. Process

Those interested in becoming a volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg – for more than a day or to be working with our Club Members – requires filling out our application

Once you have returned the application to the Club we then require four steps to be completed before you can start volunteering your time with our Club Members

  1. Background Check – staff will run your information through the LexisNexis System to run a federal background check
  2. Reference Checks – we request four references (personal and professional; not family relations) and require three checks to be completed before we can move forward in the process
  3. Interview – the Volunteer Coordinator will then arrange for a personal interview to further obtain an idea of how the potential volunteer could best spend their time at the Club
  4. Orientation – this final step includes an overview of our policies and procedures, as well as, covering some of the basic information needed when working with youth

We understand to complete this entire process takes time and patience on the part of each of our volunteers. However, we hope that each volunteer is committed enough to follow-through the process to the end and understand that we are doing this to protect the safety and security of each and every Club Member who enters our facility.

If interested in becoming a volunteer, please, download the BGCPVolApp2014 and return it completed and with the needed signatures.