Volunteers & Interns

Thank you for your interest in learning more about contributing your time, talent and energy to the youth of this community. Just a few hours each week can make a real difference in a young person’s life!  The benefits include:

  • Positively impacting the lives of youth
  • Becoming a role model & developing relationships with our members
  • Helping to provide a fun and safe environment for young people
  • Demonstrating your commitment to helping the community
  • Gaining valuable life experiences and skills

Volunteer Opportunities are available for individuals and groups.

Individual Volunteer
If you would like to share your interests and passion with kids, we can help make that easy by providing program curriculum and activity guides on many different topics our kids are especially interested in.  This makes it much easier to get started! Volunteers must complete the volunteer intake process. Applications are available by contacting us or are available at the club. Our normal business hours are from 9-5 p.m. or during Club hours)

Small Volunteer Groups (2 – 15)

Split into groups of 1-2 people to help us run great activities or work as a group to assist with a special club event or implement a volunteer event (with the input of the Volunteer Coordinator/Club Directors) to help maintain and improve club facilities. If you have a small group  interested in volunteering at the Club, please complete the form.

Large Volunteer Groups (over 15)

Implement a volunteer event (with the input of Volunteer Coordinator/Club Directors)  to help maintain and improve club facilities such as cleaning, landscaping, painting, etc. or Create an activity or event at the Club for youth, members/families. If you have a large group  interested in volunteering at the Club, please complete the form.