Every day after school and over the summer, your child has a safe, positive place to go, a place they feel welcome and feel like they belong—their local Boys & Girls Club.

Our nationally recognized programs and activities impact children in three essential ways: academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles. A youth development strategy underlies all of our programs and fosters a sense of belonging, competence, and usefulness, and builds self-esteem and self-confidence among Club members.

Our programs offer each member the chance to explore new activities in a safe, welcoming environment.  Every day, the Club offers programs in each of it’s five core areas.

Character & Leadership

These programs empower youth to positively influence their Club and community, sustain meaningful relationships with others, and develop self-esteem. In the Torch & Keystone Clubs, members elect officers, plan and implement their own activities and community service projects, help youth learn about decision making, understand democratic processes, and contribute to their Club and community. Our year long Youth of the Year leadership recognition program encourages scholarship and develops public speaking skills. Click here for more information.

Education & Career

We’re helping youth to become proficient in basic educational disciplines, apply learning to everyday situations, and promote future career success. The Club’s learning center is dedicated to helping members improve their study habits, do well in school, and make good life choices. The POWER HOUR program offers members after-school homework help and tutoring while Career Launch & Jr. Staff give members a chance to learn real-world job skills through classroom and hands-on learning. Click here for more information.

Health & Life Skills

These programs encourage young people to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being and set personal goals for the future. We  offer a multitude of prevention programs. One example is Street Smart, which is a drug, alcohol, gang, and pregnancy prevention program for teens. Other programs include Smart Kids, a critical thinking and emotions management program, and Act Smart, an HIV and AIDS prevention program. Click here for more information.

The Arts

Art programming allows youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts, crafts, performing arts, and creative writing. We have a dedicated cultural arts room, offering classes in fine arts, crafts, and digital arts.  These activities foster self-expression and creativity, and help develop appreciation of other cultures. Click here for more information.

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Club members develop fitness, positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment, and social skills through sports, fitness and recreation programs. Youth build teamwork and physical fitness through organized athletic teams for  soccer, and basketball. In addition, some unique athletic competitions and a variety of low organized sports and games are run daily. Click here for more information.