Club Hours

Our program hours are listed on the calendar below.  Scroll below for more information on how we structure our Club hours.

The business office at the Club is open most days from 8am – 4pm, Mon-Friday.

General Program Hours
(This is just a guide to understand our normal process, but the calendar above should have our most updated information.)

The Club’s youth programs are open on school days from 3pm – 8pm and from 10am – 4pm on Saturday for limited programs.  On most weekdays when school is not in session, the Club is open from 8am – 6pm.  If the Club is open on three or more 8am – 6pm days within the week, we will be closed that Saturday. The Club is also closed on major holidays & for occasional events.  During summer, the Club typically operates from 8am to 6pm.

To ensure high quality impactful programs, at times the Club may offer programs only to members who pre-registered for those programs either for specific program areas or the whole Club for portions of the program day.  Specific examples include Summer Brain Gain, First Lego League, Team Sports, etc.  Notices & sign-ups for any upcomming programs are typically made availible by posting at the front desk or to specific youth who meet the qualifications to attend.

Through the Summer, the Club hosts Summer Brain Gain for pre-registered youth from 8:00 am to 10:30.  Regular Drop in programs occur from 10:30am – 6pm Mon – Fri.  The Club is closed on weekends during summer.

Club hours are subject to change. If schools close for weather, the Club will be open from 8am – 6pm.  No changes to our schedule for delayed school opening or early closings.