About Us

The Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg is a safe, stable place that ensures physical and emotional safety while discouraging crime in our community.

Our Mission:

To enable all young people,
especially those who need us most,
to reach their full potential
as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.

Our Board:

Our board is essential to our success. The leadership and support provided by these individuals enable us to fulfill our mission each year. The board serves as the governing body for the organization, offering guidance in policy adoption, finance, legal and insurance, building and property, human resources, marketing, operating fund raising, and capital fund raising.


Kids may walk through our doors for the fun we offer, but we do far more than just entertain these youngsters. Our nationally recognized programs and activities impact children in three essential ways:

  • Academic success—Improving grades, reducing high school drop-out rates, and teaching kids to see themselves as learners.
  • Good character and citizenship—Encouraging community service, reducing juvenile crime rates, and instilling an attitude of engagement.
  • Healthy lifestyles—Teaching healthy behaviors, reducing drug use and childhood obesity, and fostering a positive self-image.

Our Club provides programs that are tailored to the needs of our members. From Power Hour, Keystone Club, SMART Girls to ClubTech, our Club offers a wide range of opportunities for youth. Please contact us to find out more about the programs currently offered.

Job Opportunities

Throughout the Club, dedicated and fully trained staff work in support of developing the young people of our community. Each member of our diverse and respected team is encouraged to advance professionally in their respective arena of influence. Guidance is provided through orientations, development trainings, regular staff meetings, and direct peer-to-peer mentoring/coaching.

Those interested in a position at the Club are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter to the Club.  All potential employees must undergo, personal interviews, criminal background checks and searches of the National Sex Offender Registry as well as other databases as well as drug screening to ensure all Club members are safe.  The Boys & Girls Clubs of Parkersburg is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Club Alumni

Once a Boys & Girls Club kid—always a Boys & Girls Club kid!

If you’re a former Boys & Girls Club member, you’re in good company…Denzel Washington, Howard Schultz, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, President Clinton, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Neil Diamond are among the ranks of Club alumni that credit the Club with helping to shape their lives. We’d love to hear your stories from the Club.

Please contact us and let us know you’re a former Club kid and join other alumni on Facebook.