MTS Notify

MTS Notify – The quickest way to know

iphone mts notifyThe Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg is proud to announce a new feature!   MTS Notify offers real-time updates of when your child arrives and departs the Club as well as emergency notifications and program notices.

App is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices via their app Stores.

Just $0.99 one-time purchase – no Ads!

  • No Added Fees
  • No Text Messaging Charges
  • Easy 3-step activation
  • Archive of all messages available on app

Steps to Activate MTS Notify

  1. Install App on your device
    1. Download them in the Apple or Android App Stores
  2. Complete set-up with Name & Email 
    1. The app requires an active email address which will need to be provided to the Club in Step 3
  3. Bring BGCP MTS Notify Form into the Club
    1. Download the form
    2. Be sure the email address provided to the Club matches the email used in the MTS Notify App.
    3. The Club will complete the necessary steps to activate your account with us.  A success message will be sent upon activation.
      Note: If you are not the primary contact for a member, please allow time the parent/guardian to provide permission to allow you to recieve notifications for each child.

If you decide to add the MTS Notify app to multiple devices, each must be configured by the Club separately.  Just let us know and we’ll take care of it!

MTS Notify Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?
The MTS-Notify app for iOS devices or Android devices is a $0.99 one time purchase and there are NO ads or added fees.

Will my phone be charged for text messages?
No.  The app does not utilize SMS text messaging.

What information is sent?
Here are examples of the information sent:

John Smith checked IN to General Attendance at 2:15 PM

John Smith checked OUT of General Attendance at 4:54 PM; was picked up by Doe, James.

The Boys & Girls Club is currently in lockdown.

The Soccer team will return to the Boys & Girls Club at 8:00 PM

The Boys & Girls Club will be CLOSED Saturday due to inclement weather.

Is it Secure?
Yes all notifications travelling to smart devices is encrypted.

Who receives the messages?
Only those individuals a Parent/Guardian authorizes will be permitted to recieve messages about any individual member.

How are the messages triggered?
You choose if you want to recieve automatic notifications as members scan IN to the Club, OUT of the Club or both.  Group messages like emergency notifications and messages going to smaller groups like sports league members are sent manually by Club staff.

What else does the App do?
An archive of the history of received messages can be viewed on the App, as well as other general information & contacting the developer about the App.

Will the Club refund my purchase?
No.  The Club receives no funds from any purchase or use of the App.  We simply securely connect our Member Tracking System to the MTS Notify Portal to provide added convenience and piece of mind to our families.